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Each one of my clients is unique and each session is as unique, through my experience I have found that offering a group of sessions works best for every client.

I have set up the following packages to help build a flexible and efficient structure of sessions to best help you.

The coaching packages

  • 6 Sessions
  • 9 Sessions
  • 12 Sessions

How many sessions should I have?

This answer is one that you will make during or after our initial conversation and dependant upon what you want to achieve and the quantity of goals that you want us to work through in our time together.

After we have discussed everything that you want to get from our coaching sessions you will be asked to pick the number of sessions that you would like to have. It will all become clear as we work together during the FREE initial consultation how many sessions would suit you.

As a general rule I have found:

6 sessions works well if you have already had coaching and want to work with me again on some more goals or have only very few goals.

9 sessions works well if you have a number of goals and want us to cover a number goals together. This is the most popular package with my clients.

12 sessions is what I recommend if you have lots of goals to work with as this allows us to cover many goals and make a big difference with so many goals.


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