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I have always been someone who reads a lot and though I have lulls I often find time to read even small articles as I live my life. Seldom am I not reading or learning. When I am not reading a book or an online article I like to wind down by reading a copy of my favourite magazine and so unsurprisingly I have held many different subscriptions for those I read regularly. Then there are magazines that I pick up on occasionally as I am drawn to that part of the supermarket or news agents. I have always reigned in what I’d like to read based on the cover price and how much I’d like to spend in a short amount of time. sadly my pocket often wins the battle and I compromise on less reading material than I would like.

I stumbled across this amazing site 3 weeks ago and so far have created a list of the top 40 magazines and read over half of them… All for £9.99 per month.


  • Top magazines, I would expect that whatever your taste there is going to be something in here you would regularly read if not already
  • Low price when you consider the monthly subscription is about the cost of 3 monthly magazines, (bear in mind some are issued more regularly than monthly too)
  • If you click through on this LINK you can get 1 month for free with no obligation to sign up and no need to put any payment details either… this is a bold move by Readly but based on my experience I think it is the correct move as it allows you time to consider and experience how good an offer this is.

If you don’t want to click through on my link that is fine feel free to go direct to and see what they have to offer. If you do sign up direct they will give you 2 days to assess the product before purchasing so it is up to you but a month for free has to be better right?

So Sign up here to Readly HERE I am not sure how long the month for free will last so probably best to sign up before they remove the offer.

let me know if you have Readly already and what you think about it or if this does inspire you to investigate it for yourself.

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